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  • I’m not big on AI and ChatGPT. However, I did just use it to tell my brother I am better than him at fantasy baseball. In Shakespearean English. That is quite fun.

  • Apparently Microsoft is raffling off Zune’s in response to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

    I miss the dedicated MP3 player times. Zune had some beautiful software, but could never catch up to the iPod.

  • A scathing article on Siri’s lack of development and in-fighting amongst Apple.

    Hard to say I’m surprised. Personally, I am still luke-warm on AI, but Siri is by far the worst of all the major tech companies. Another area where Apple must do better as AI technology becomes more widespread.

  • TIL you can pass Bear links into Apple Reminders and essentially sync your to-do lists between the two apps.

  • iOS Homescreen - April 2023 Edition

    Inspired by a recent post of Eric’s, I wanted to take a stab at it for my iPhone. I consider myself a tinkerer of my digital workspace; constantly trying new things or ways I accomplish tasks. Apps are a large part of that, whether on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, or Windows. Here are my homescreen apps for … read more

  • Been using Artifact a few days now. It’s mostly just a better curated version of Apple News. AN provides a better reading experience in terms of UI though. I’ve always found AN horrible at curating content I want to see. Artifact does better here by miles.

  • Signed up for a YouTube TV trial for 2 weeks, and I’ve really only watched one show and one event. Can’t say I miss cable TV at all. Will not be continuing once my trial is up.

  • The speed with which Ice Cubes development occurs astonishs me. Great app and developer!

  • I wish I could take my Audible and Kindle books with me to another service to get somewhat less reliant on the Amazon ecosystem.

  • Anyone using Homebrew on macOS? What are the benefits?

  • Things I Disliked About Obsidian

    As an Evernote user I gave Obsidian a heartfelt try over Q4 of 2022. Here’s why I’ve gone back to Evernote as of this week. What I didn’t like: Obsidian is too complex. There are plugins on top of plugins to customize Obsidian for pretty much every single use case. I found this … read more

  • Been utilizing Readwise more and more. It unearthed a fantastic quote from Man’s Search for Meaning, that I had to share. Highly recommend this book.

  • Today’s Apple announcement implies there is only the Mac Pro left that offers Intel-based configurations. Makes me wonder if they will continue to offer Intel-based for Enterprise customers or not.