A nice “modern” look into the IBM mainframe computer. My current company still uses one today, and so have other places I’ve worked at in the past. They continue to run big business and will for a long time I reckon.

    Trying dynamic wallpapers for the first time on my iPhone. I wish there was a way to tell it not to feature a photo from the Lock Screen. Instead you have to go into customize and do it as if you’re changing the whole setup. Maybe I’m just being picky about my photo skills..

    It’s not often or really ever that I buy anything from an Instagram ad. However I decided to purchase a CampSnap disposable-like camera and am having a blast with it so far.

    It’s like carrying a digital disposable camera around in your pocket. No screen, just point and shoot and see the results later. Road trip this weekend and looking forward to overusing it!

    Very interesting concept from Jason Yuan and Sam Whitmore. looks like a practical use of AI to complement our lives. Very intrigued, and will be following closely.

    Giving Mastodon another in-depth look. Pretty tired of Twitter’s amount of clutter. Wish I could get MLB and NFL content completely off it though to fully make my switch.

    Broke my cheap soundbar during the move. Birthday treat to myself, let’s get a Sonos one!

    Just learned that Kevin Mitnick passed. RIP to a legendary pioneer of computer technology.

    A few days later and I am now more unsure on Threads. It’s mostly brands and people who aren’t used to posting in a text format.

    BlueSky is more like Twitter in its users, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

    My Quick Thoughts on Threads

    1. Incredibly easy to sign up if you already have an Instagram account. This is a massive boost to the platform. Bluesky’s invite system is not allowing it to grow fast enough. Mastodon is still too confusing for the average person.
    2. There’s some things to work out with showing accounts you are not following in your main feed. This is already upsetting folks.
    3. Seeing an influx of people I used to follow on Twitter who had not fully invested in Mastodon, Bluesky, or others. This is a good thing.
    4. ActivityPub integration will be a good thing. I’m not on the anti-Meta train with this one. Sure, they are a big greedy corporation, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and trust they’ll implement it in a meaningful way.
    5. Where I think they are struggling out of the gate is how do you convince Instagram users to utilize it? It’s a home for ex-Twitter folks, etc. but not for just an Instagram user. This seems like a clash of identities that they will have to tackle.

    Got a Bluesky invite over the weekend. Discovering friends/contacts is pretty terrible so far.

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