Masters of the Air, 2024 - ★★★★

Watched on Wednesday May 22, 2024.

Finished reading 📚: Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

A fun read about overcoming challenges in life of different proportions. Kawaguchi’s novel is smart and poignant for the modern reader. Taking an oft-used concept of time travel and applies a fresh take to it.

Prioritizing My Time

After many months of debating, I finally deleted my Twitter/X and Snapchat accounts. I am trying to prioritize aspects of my life and time wasted is at the top of that list. I’ve spent several hours curating my devices notifications, installed apps, and what each device’s purpose should be.

I thought it would be very difficult at first, but I’m now more conscious of where I focus my time. For example, I am deliberately going to sites to find sports news, or deliberately reaching out to friends to see what they are up to. It seems pretentious to state that I am cool and deliberate with reaching out to friends, but social media is a massive time suck.

Coincidentally, I also started the book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport shortly after deleting these accounts. It’s a great read, but it’s hard to buy into everything since Newport was never a big social media user to begin with.

I’m trying to spend more time on the things I love doing: reading, walking (with or without the dog), taking photos and inspiring my small creative side, meeting and having experiences with my family and friends. Newport’s book is at the very least a reminder to do these things.

I continue to juggle the responsibilities of adulthood, even over a decade into it, and prioritization of life outside of work is something I’ve always struggled with. Level-setting like this is important - this type of reflection that helps me step back and say “Hey, you are wasting a ton of time, you’re not present with the other things that matter.” As I inch toward my 34th birthday this summer, I can’t help but think I’m finally “growing up” and I’m excited for what is to come.

One thing the Apple Music Top 100 List is doing for me is bringing me back to my high school years where I devoured music across generations and genres and broke away from what was just on the radio at the time.

Finished reading 📚: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

This is a thought-provoking look at what social media has done to us in the 21st century. I don’t think all the advice is sound for all people, it’s a good reminder to take a step back every once in a while and use social media less.

Challengers, 2024 - ★★★½

Watched on Sunday May 12, 2024.

Watching X-Men ‘97 E1 and I screamed like a little kid at that Wolverine-Gambit-Morph sequence.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, 2020 - ★★★★

Watched on Sunday May 5, 2024.

My iOS 18 Wishlist: a Journal app for iPad and Mac. I really hate typing for lots of text without a keyboard and this would make me utilize the app much more.

Face/Off, 1997 - ★★★★

What an action packed, goofy, thrill ride. I miss the wild and crazy action movies of the 80s and 90s.

Fun little app to track your AeroPress recipes. I need to use mine more, it makes such a great cup of coffee.

I’ve been reflecting on my notes and storage again and while I enjoy Apple Notes, I am always looking for something platform agnostic. Does anyone have any experience using Anytype? What is the consensus?

Looks like a mix between Notion and OneNote to me.

Silent Night, 2023 - ★★★½

Watched on Sunday December 17, 2023.

Sexy Beast, 2000 - ★★★★

This movie rules and Ben Kingsley does too. You will learn new words like “bumflufferies”.

Shithouse, 2020 - ★★★★

Watched on Sunday April 28, 2024.