Texas and Austin make it really hard to support public transportation. But I will ride the CapMetro Rail as long as I can for how convenient and easy it is for my personal commute.

    2023 Priority: Get Outside

    Spent the end of 2022 getting completely off grid camping. Here are some photos from the trip.

    One goal of mine for 2023 is to prioritize getting outside more. Whether that’s through hiking, camping, or just traveling and immersing myself into new cultures. Austin has ample options for the first two, and we have a trip planned to Italy in the spring. The year is off to a good first quarter for this goal!

    The best kind of office buddy.

    A nice morning today. Hope everyone’s Sunday is going well!

    Not to be outdone by the sunset last night, here’s the sunrise in central Texas today.

    Texas sunsets 🌅. Who can spot Saturn?

    Always brightens my day.

    Always a nice view when I head to campus 📷

    Spent New Years this year away from the city and in the Texas Hill Country. My goals for 2023 include taking the roads less travelled.

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