Prioritizing My Time

    After many months of debating, I finally deleted my Twitter/X and Snapchat accounts. I am trying to prioritize aspects of my life and time wasted is at the top of that list. I’ve spent several hours curating my devices notifications, installed apps, and what each device’s purpose should be.

    I thought it would be very difficult at first, but I’m now more conscious of where I focus my time. For example, I am deliberately going to sites to find sports news, or deliberately reaching out to friends to see what they are up to. It seems pretentious to state that I am cool and deliberate with reaching out to friends, but social media is a massive time suck.

    Coincidentally, I also started the book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport shortly after deleting these accounts. It’s a great read, but it’s hard to buy into everything since Newport was never a big social media user to begin with.

    I’m trying to spend more time on the things I love doing: reading, walking (with or without the dog), taking photos and inspiring my small creative side, meeting and having experiences with my family and friends. Newport’s book is at the very least a reminder to do these things.

    I continue to juggle the responsibilities of adulthood, even over a decade into it, and prioritization of life outside of work is something I’ve always struggled with. Level-setting like this is important - this type of reflection that helps me step back and say “Hey, you are wasting a ton of time, you’re not present with the other things that matter.” As I inch toward my 34th birthday this summer, I can’t help but think I’m finally “growing up” and I’m excited for what is to come.

    Been a busy first quarter for me and haven’t devoted as much time to my blog. That will change as things are slowing down and I’ll be taking a vacation soon.

    Just a friendly reminderly reminder to not let work burn you out. Use that time off!

    Buying a new car is such a painful process. Happy to be done with it and have to take it for a spin today!

    Wife and I both have colds for the holidays. But yesterday we were able to get out and enjoyoy a Yemeni coffee shop in Dallas. Quite delicious.

    Assortment of beverages in glass cups. Pastries in foreground on wooden serving platter.

    Paid off my student loans - 10 years after graduating. Honestly don’t feel much emotion. It’s nice to not have another monthly payment?

    A week full of work travel and personal travel ends tomorrow with the sale of our house in Austin. Closing of that chapter is complete.

    Much needed long weekend. Off on a day trip outside of Dallas tomorrow.

    Wasn’t anticipating not getting a single trick-or-treater tonight lol

    Finally feel settled into the rental house in Dallas..a month later. Moving forces you to downsize but always end up spending money on furniture upgrades!

    On the flip side. I’m already enjoying exploring new places and restaurants in the area. Adventure awaits! Now for the wife and dog to arrive.

    Benefits of moving into a smaller house? It forces me to evaluate whether I really need the item.

    But I still have to spend all weekend unpacking 😅

    I consider myself a pretty supportive person. But there is nothing worse than seeing your wife go through a difficult time at her job and not be able to help in the moment. I don’t like seeing people miserable 😔

    Starting a new job and preparing to move across the state of Texas has really cut into my consumption and really everything else. Can’t wait for things to be done and next week to start settling down 😮‍💨

    Living in a hotel in between moving is not fun at all.

    Meeting with the realtor this afternoon. Not looking forward to selling or renting our house out. Both aren’t how I want to be spending my time while we move to DFW area.

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