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  • Some of the photos from earlier this morning got cropped weirdly. Trying this again with a new post.

  • Reflections from Italy Trip

    Having just embarked on a trip to Italy with my wife, I’ve spent some time reflecting on what travel means to me. I haven’t done much international travel in my life, so this is coming from my first large excursion into this territory. Firstly, Italy is a wonderful country. It’s … read more

  • I’m so impressed with public transit in Italy. Nothing like this exists in America. Cities are designed with train stations in mind, subways and trams are used everywhere. I dream of this in America, where we can take fast, reliable rail instead of flying.

  • Florence is a wonderful city full of nice people and delicious food. Enjoyed the few days here and will be back one day!

  • Milan, you’re beautiful. Fino alla prossima volt!

  • Off to Italy this weekend for a much needed vacation. Hoping I don’t gain too much weight and that I fall in love with walkable cities.