@eay looks like it. But there’s hope it could become something better like OneNote - one of the best MS products out there.

@kimonostereo thanks for sharing. Doing this now.

@mattmaison highly recommend! Went through early 2020 driving through. Very glad I stopped!

@jensands it was quite unexpected! Think I got the best photo I could without startling it.

@JohnPhilpin @odd @Archimage that is correct! Just went back to find receipt in email archive.

@odd @Archimage you can do this with the Opener app on iOS.

I’m forgetting how much it was but I want to say under $5 USD.

@odd @Archimage you can do this with the Opener app on iOS.

I’m forgetting how much it was but I want to say under $5 USD.

@JohnPhilpin I felt almost exactly the same. Christoph Waltz is great in it, along with Brittany O'Grady. But the plot fizzled out towards the end.

@canion this is the way.

@otaviocc awesome photo and story. What a great memory.

@matt this is an excellent change that we need ASAP

@odd @SamHawken yes there's quite a few from then and earlier, but not much in the last 10 years unfortunately.

@mroutley really like the vibes here!

@skoobz if he is a starter for 100 games and hits .250, I’m happy

@skoobz I want this to be true so badly

@alexsavin I just merged my old mastodon account to the micro.blog provided one and imported the contacts I wanted to follow natively here. Not looking back at all.

@hutaffe I’ve heard good things about the device. Sorry to hear the logistics is the root cause.

@jeroensangers very interesting! Seems like a news aggregator mixed with a read it later service to me.

@MitchW I think Apple News is a good looking app, but I constantly try and curate specific topics out of my feed without blocking the publisher and it never works properly. How are you planning on using Bing?

@martyday no doubt. So refreshing to see studios take some chances.

@martyday I'm really digging the animation style of this.

@gregmoore what external CD drive are you using?

@Archimage found this newsletter and website dedicated to showing people's desks, workspaces, and home offices. Love this idea for inspiration and seeing how others form personal spaces.

@SamHawken oh I agree with that lol. But comparing just Xbox vs PS it is clear who is better at producing AAA games if you ask me

@manton @maique I noticed this too with my photo challenge posts not appearing in timeline either. But all my replies would.

Thanks for your quick work always!

@otaviocc Yes! I got a Keychron last year and I adore it. Didn't think I'd enjoythemit but I was wrong.

@mandaris this is doubly secure.

@jemostrom yeah he caught me off guard this morning!

@hutaffe You must work at a battlestation!

@help Curious what happens billing-wise if I upgrade to Premium. If I've paid for the regular annual subscription, do I pay the $50 difference or do I pay $100?

@mindofaaronw nevermind I figured it out. It's partially based on subscription level!

@numericcitizen How are you saving the browser articles into M.b bookmarks? I assume the share sheet but I'm not seeing anything there on Safari for Mac. On iOS it takes me to post a new M.b post with the article linked.

@Gaby this is on my science fiction list. Looking forward to picking it up sometime this year!

@cliffordbeshers I'm an Apple One subscriber so I can get the annual for $79 it seems. But that eliminates me from all the AppleTV trials :(

@cliffordbeshers I enjoyed it too much - production value was high and I thought everything was great. Think I’m going to subscribe.

@Denny Very interesting. I had no idea you could even search by the caption! Could definitely come in handy for specific family events or flora/fauna like you mentioned.

@Denny what kind of tags are you adding that requires the use of EXIF for batch adding?

@jeffperry @ChrisJWilson was my struggle as well. I just didn’t want to spend the time to create a system that worked to meet my needs. Would rather it just worked good enough out of the box, and it simply does not without lots of tinkering.

@neoncrypt this hurts to read.

@circustiger Tiny Desk is so fun! Great, short way to find new music if you ask me.

Give it a listen, a rare voice he has.

@Archimage 😱 😅 I love them

@toddgrotenhuis glad you liked it! One of my favorite shows all around.

@skoobz oh this is a fun idea!

@ericgregorich It's not for me either. I admire their dedication and marketing, and it does look good, but I'm fine with Safari. I have other productivity apps to use that are separate from my browser for a reason.

@Guy I'm not one for the cold, but I'd spend weeks here.

@blog @fraying@xoxo.zone this is so powerful and important.

@circustiger Great job! Brings out emotion and nostalgia in me.

@maique Looks pretty beautiful to me 🤷🏻‍♂️

@josephaleo @SamHawken thanks for the rec guys! I've got some testing to do and see if its for me.

@SamHawken I’ve got both 😅. But would probably be writing on Mac.

@SamHawken do you have a preferred one?

@neoncrypt reminds me of Standard Notes but cheaper. I’ll dive into them this weekend now 🙃

@neoncrypt now I'm down the rabbit hole of maybe just trying Bear for both notes and writing..

@jsonbecker I thought I was crazy the other day! Had no idea this was a bug.

@news excellent addition! Thanks @manton!

@Guy I would take a pay cut to implement this in America.

@JohnPhilpin all of Jack Whites solo albums do this and I always thought it was saying something about The White Stripes split up (those being all red in color). Very interesting read!

@Munish It's such a good movie

@Omrrc I'm on book 1, loving it so far!

@hutaffe what issues did you encounter? I always come back to Overcast so just curious.

@alans that things a beauty. Hope it lasts a lifetime now.

@rcrackley fairly new user here. I didn't find it confusing or predatory at all. The initial review reads like an unfair hit piece.

@hawaiiboy unless they've added it in iOS 16, I don't believe you can.

@skinnylatte thanks for this reminder. As a newer photographer I sometimes forget I just need to practice.

@JohnPhilpin fascinating! Really puts scale in perspective.

@mbkriegh I'm sure I'd love this then!

@bryanrobb I recommend going to the Tillamook creamery if you get a chance. A fun trip we would always take when visiting Oregon growing up! Marionberry is also a very underrated berry.

@Alligator I bought it for last.fm integration but I went back to Apple Music. It is beautifully designed though, I just didn't enjoy adding to playlists from it.

@mbkriegh reminds me of Yorkshire Pudding that my mom made growing up, except a gigantic version. Looks delicious.

@vincent wild to me that that was allowed to be published. Security is such a joke to non-techie users.

@odd I had no skin in the game this year, but the wife and I end up using it as an excuse to eat poorly and indulge in fried food!

@JohnPhilpin I've tried so many times to get into This American Life and Radiolab. I feel so weird why they just don't click with me.

@JohnPhilpin I love seeing posts like this because it reminds me to cull my content regularly, but also helps find new and interesting content as well!

@holgerfrohloff thank you! Ordered a copy!

@manton can't beat the value here!

@jean thanks Jean! I'll check this out.

@Kalena thanks for the link and the insight! I'm very interested myself.

@jasraj Congratulations!

@birchtree this should be a legal requirement for handling fonts :D

@Denny oh for sure I agree with this take of MacStories' lack of coverage. It is an odd choice by them. I think the future is brighter than Federico makes it out to be and his use case is ultra specific like you mentioned in the article!

@Denny great article and strong points. My one issue that I think bridges between your critique and people like Federico's is this - the iPad Pro's with M1 and M2 are capable of more solely by their compute abilities. It seems to me that Apple doesn't want to or doesn't see the need to utilize that. And that is what frustrates me. I personally don't need Final Cut or Xcode on my Pro, but the machine is undoubtedly capable of running those applications, it is simply constrained by the iPadOS software.

@Kalena @jean very curious about why you two switched to them. I've heard positive things but am nervous/skeptical to dive in myself.

@timapple what will you be running on your Umbrel instance? I've looked into it before but don't have a RPI4 :(

@Archimage wonderful quote! Be kind everyone. A gentle and thoughtful reminder.

@martyday This is incredible.

@JohnPhilpin wonderful quote from a wonderful author!

@pratik Thanks! As bad as the icestorm was I saw some beautiful things in nature in some ways.

@lmika Thank you! It was pretty neat in person.

@llbbl great mantra to live by!

@jsonbecker I take the one transit line into Austin for work and walk just over a mile to my building from the train stop. One of my favorite parts of the day. Wish walkable cities were a bigger thing in the USA.

@Omrrc this album will always give me chills. A true masterpiece.

@Mikehendley really like the detail here. The discolaration of the teeth is a nice touch!

@7robots beautiful shot of a beautiful city.

@marmanold I tend to only see them after I've sprayed the foundation with bug spray and they find their way inside in those first 24 hours.

@jsonbecker truly what I miss most about living in the city. The suburbs just can't compare in this regard.

@odd I found it very beautiful! Just a construction fence near my neighborhood where they are building more houses.

@hawaiiboy I just know it will pull me in and I'll geek out over things like the app you speak of. Maybe I'll give it a shot, much to my wife's dismay :)

@martyday I am very nervous to give F1 a try because I think I'll love it.

@lmika beautiful creatures.

@jahziel that's a very interesting idea hmm

@cheribaker I can’t stand the movie branding and giant Netflix or other service logo on the cover either!

@shep I'm getting my popcorn ready to watch Netflix bleed subscribers starting in March.

@Mtt I try and do this quarterly with subscriptions, apps, and social media. Think it's good for my well being but also makes me reassess "Do I really need to know about this person or product on my feed?"

@gr36 going to have to add 4000 weeks to the book backlog now. Thanks for sharing these thoughts! It's nice to step back and realize I'm not the only one struggling with this.

@JohnPhilpin thank you for the tutorial! I know what I’ll be checking tomorrow..😅

@monday I’m a classic pepperoni only guy. But occasionally branch out when we try a new place or make it at home fresh then I’ll usually add other toppings.

@JohnPhilpin didn’t know you could change the author images! Might have to see if I have any to tweak.

@jemostrom @monday salami on pizza sounds amazing and I have to try this now!

@neoncrypt I very much enjoy it. A coming of age comedy in many ways, but also tackles difficult themes of growing up on a poor reservation.

@jdm Teams is incredibly frustrating for me this week too. Learned you can't call out from a team if it is more than 20 people.

@SamHawken highly recommend! It is souls-like. To be honest souls games aren’t my favorite genre, but I quite enjoyed the deep Star Wars narrative and lore within Fallen Order.

@josephaleo really like the album cover for The God Machine!

@SamHawken KOTOR will always have a place in my heart. But I really enjoyed Jedi Fallen Order from 2019.

@rknightuk oh interesting! Both seem valuable.

@rknightuk How does this differ from your TrackerZapper?

@ChrisJWilson yes! Allowed me to end my Obsidian test and go back to Evernote for everything.

@neoncrypt yeah this is crazy to me and I'm not even a Tidal or lossless user. But the price point should necessitate it, especially since Apple Music does have lossless tracks.

@pimoore hadn't heard of MacPorts! Does it have comparable packages?

@SimonWoods it’s going to be included on Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Xbox I believe I read, but with only local multiplayer.

@SimonWoods it’s so frustrating the online multiplayer is only on the Switch..

@jean I've become fascinated with the ideas this app explores in the last year. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check it out.

@Ronguest @bjhess really? That is so frustrating.

@bjhess I've gone back and forth with Obsidian and Evernote and keep coming back to Evernote. It's great for storing these documents for me, among many other things.

@ChrisJWilson Didn't even notice that at first *facepalm

@ChrisJWilson this is fascinating. I have so many questions! Did you elect not to cook for yourself then during this time?

@sod this is great, thanks for sharing.

@todor I'll never forget the awe I felt playing that game when it came out. It is truly a beautiful piece of art.

@skoobz this would give me anxiety!

@pimoore yes it maxes out at WiFi 4 standard.

@jack I think I'm going to move from Obsidian back to Evernote too. The plugins and customization for Obsidian are too much for my needs.

@groomsy considering getting this with my Audible credit this month. Have heard great things.

@pimoore @Munish @jakelacaze @palousegeo @khurtwilliams I believe they've always had VC funding of some kind. They seem to be making a larger push into enterprise PW management though.

@jakelacaze @khurtwilliams @Munish yes Bitwarden's price is unbeatable. It does everything the average person would be need too, even got my non-techsavvy wife setup and using it.

@hutaffe @JohnPhilpin oh this is a great question and thoughtful response! Might have to noodle on this myself..

@manton.org finished Wednesday last night with my wife! Such a fun show.

@rknightuk @otaviocc both of you are adding to my to do list.

@monday I’ve been enjoying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge this past weekend.

@pimoore I quite like Reeder as well. Don’t think either are a bad option. I just prefer using tags with GoodLinks!

@camacho I just cancelled my Readwise Premium. I found myself not loving the speed and the clunky UI when compared to GoodLinks.

@Gaby not even sure what the object is but I’m loving it!

@JohnPhilpin Think I figured it out and got most of the movies I watched in 2022. We'll see if it cross-posts after watching something this weekend!

@holgerfrohloff this is gorgeous. Definitely went down the rabbit hole and am following these guys now, thanks!

@jnjosh the gradient is beautiful. And the breaking of the wave is timed perfectly.

@jeannie that's been my experience too. I wouldn't mind paying a little more knowing it goes to indie bookstores or the authors. I'm stuck in the Kindle ecosystem it seems though

@jasonwise hauntingly beautiful, great job!

@jeannie do you have a recommendation for DRM-free, independent supporting ebooks?

@pratik did you bother to delete your Mint account? Been considering deleting mine since I don’t utilize it much anymore.

@JohnPhilpin when you connected the feed did you chose “import posts to blog” or “Add posts to Micro.blog timeline”? Wondering if I maybe picked the wrong one when I tried yesterday

@skoobz @greghiggins We should have a home screen Micro Monday!

@JohnPhilpin that is helpful with how Letterboxd works, which I was not certain of. My biggest concern with importing the feed to my blog is that it seems to import all my Letterboxd reviews from the past. Wish I could just set it to take any new ones going forward, and not bombard the Micro.blog timeline with old reviews..

@holgerfrohloff I think Arc is promising but I found the bookmarking and using extensions so confusing and chaotic.

@Mikehendley this is really beautiful.

@robjefferies that was part of my reason for revisiting it. Fortunately it’s a quick read! If you give it a shot I’d be interested if it still resonates with you too.

@darby3 this is a neat and fun idea, keep at it!

@JohnPhilpin ran into this issue this afternoon too. Did you find an adequate solution?

@jakelacaze I will have to check that out. I find myself afraid of revisiting classic American authors due to the perceived lack of accessibility. But Hemingway reminding me that’s not really accurate after all.

@groomsy I quite enjoyed Artemis but in a different way than The Martian. Check out his third book, Project Hail Mary next!

@jeannie I enjoy this style! Thanks for sharing. The color combination is great too

@dgs @BinaryDigit @jean @manton I would love this feature! Recipes and food are a great way to connect with others

@bnmnetp we can dream of our politicians coming across the aisle again

@gim welcome! New myself and already pleased with the community!

@manton.org can’t make it this time but hope y’all have fun tonight!

@hawaiiboy big fan of Woodford myself! It’s a great affordable bottle of whiskey.

@SamHawken I’ve actually never read any translations of this so I can check off a classic! Thank you!

@chriskrycho been using this plugin for a couple weeks now without issues. Seamless integration and can now save Readwise content locally!

@SamHawken I like that approach. I am trying to stop listening to give a response. Want to just listen to help others and become a better husband and friend.

@TheRealChadwick best of luck! Took up journaling in various formats last year and while I didn't do it daily, I feel like I benefited from it and will continue it.