Been diving into fictional narrative podcasts lately. Midnight Burger is my favorite thus far.

    Got beta access to Pod Highlighter yesterday. Can’t wait to try it out this weekend when I (hopefully) catch up on my queue of podcasts.

    🎙️ The Happiness Lab - The 'Good Enough' Job

    Found this podcast 🎙️ interesting this morning. The argument is that we sometimes get caught up in finding the perfect job (or really anything) instead of just settling a bit and putting that extra energy into the things we actually care about (family, health, etc.).

    A nice reminder to pause and take a look at your life sometimes and re-prioritize what matters to you. I don’t make a ton of money working in the public sector, but that allows me to have great work/life balance. I tend to forget about that balance sometimes, and this was a nice reminder to focus and put energy in the appropriate places.

    I’m a fan of podcasts and audiobooks of all kinds. But I’ve never been able to get into This American Life or Radiolab. Any specific episodes to try (that aren’t locked behind the paywall)? 🎙️