Day 12: Shiny.

    Apparently Nordstrom has a shiny new bar πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    Day 12: Gimcrack.

    Never heard this word before. But from my understanding of it, this light exhibition in Austin is not that.

    Day 10: Ritual.

    Started a new holiday ritual this past year. Think I’ll continue after the many compliments.

    Day 9: Together.

    A nice piece of street art that invokes this feeling for me. I couldn’t easily edit out the plant at the bottom because of the number of leaves/stems πŸ˜…

    Day 8: Walk.

    Take a moment to get outside this week!

    Day 7: Whole.

    To my wife of 3 years for making me whole.

    Day 6: Engineering.

    One of Austin’s best viewpoints and a reminder that even simple bridges are magnificent feats of engineering.

    Day 5: Tile.

    Might need to apply more grout πŸ˜…

    Day 4: Zip.

    Day 3: Solitude.

    Day 2: Weather.

    Hard to believe this was just last month in Austin. Glad the ice is gone πŸ˜…

    Day 1: Secure.

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