Picked up Mario Wonder and I must admit it is quite fun. I was not expecting much new but it is whimsical and delightful.

    Late to picking up Starfield due to moving and vacation. But I have to say it is incredibly fun and thoughtful. Enjoying it and all the homages and Easter eggs throughout.

    Putting more hours into Tears of the Kingdom this weekend. Fantastic game. I’m probably ~75% through the main story now and loving it.

    E3 is dead. I think I knew this was coming, but I’m still sad to see it come to this. I will remember dreaming of going to E3 and being there in person. Closest I ever came was attending PAX Prime a few times in Seattle.

    Watching the Nintendo Direct announcements on YouTube. Not expecting any surprises, but stranger things have happened.

    Caved and got a Switch. Excited to try Tears of the Kingdom. However I did buy it with the intent to get the wife to play more games or to play with me. She’s been enjoying Fall Guys while I decide what games to actually purchase 😅

    All the Zelda talk really makes me consider buying a Switch. Even though it’s a horrendous system.

    I don’t know why but I’m wanting to buy a Switch and play some Mario games.

    Finished playing:🎮 God of War (2018)

    God of War poster

    This game is so incredible - its gorgeous, rich in story and mythology, and the combat and mechanics are top notch. I finally understand why people like PlayStation exclusives.

    🎮 Finally playing God of War (2018). This game is fantastic.

    God of War poster

    🎮 High on Life (2022) - ★★★★☆

    High on Life poster
    Had a good time with this. Very funny, unique characters, and worlds. Gameplay style is just a typical shooter, but the writing is what shines here. Sad that Justin Roiland is having legal trouble now.